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Honeywell Burdick & Jackson® GC2® Solvents

By Honeywell Burdick & Jackson
Honeywell Burdick &amp; Jackson® GC<sup>2</sup>® Solvents

Burdick & Jackson® offers an extensive selection of GC2® for all of your environmental analysis needs. Our purge and trap methanol is guaranteed to be free from any detectable amount of the volatile organic contaminants found on the U.S. EPA Contract Laboratory Program (CLP) Target Compound List for sample sizes up to 100L. It is also suitable for use in all U.S. EPA 500 series (drinking water), 600 series (waste water) and SW-846 (solid waste) test methods for volatile analytes. GC2® solvents are developed for trace analysis at or below the part-per-billion level using capillary gas chromatography. Each lot is tested to meet demanding GC specifications, and samples of every GC2® solvent are concentrated 1000-fold and tested by temperature-programmed capillary GC-FID. This analysis detects both low-boiling and high-boiling molecules, anything eluting from toluene through diesel fuel and other semi-volatile compounds of environmental interest.

Cat.No. Name Size Container Type CAS EA     CS    
27678-GC010-4 Acetone 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 67-64-1       $897.34
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27678-GC049-4 Chloroform, with Amylene Preservative 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 67-66-3       $1538.75
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27678-GC299-4 Dichloromethane, with Amylene Preservative 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 75-09-2       $1003.00
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27678-CSGC299-200 Dichloromethane, with Amylene Preservative 4 x 4L SSPDS 75-09-2 $5380.46
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27678-GC100-4 Ethyl Acetate 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 141-78-6       $1529.52
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27678-GC215-4 Hexane 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 110-54-3       $1171.38
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27678-GC230-4 Methanol 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 67-56-1       $863.91
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27678-GC312-4 Pentane 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 109-66-0       $1497.41
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27678-GC317-4 Petroleum Ether 4 x 4L Glass Bottle 8032-32-4       $0.00
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