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Cat.No.DescriptionUnit Of Measure
1007-1730-PKMask,N95 Particulate Respirator, 20/PKPK
10-210950-EASabouraud Dextrose Agar 500G BottleEA
10-211043-EATrypticase Soy Agar 500G BottleEA
10-211059-EABrain Heart Infusion BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211065-EABrain Heart Infusion Ag BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211260-EAFluid Thioglycollate Med BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211343-EALitmus Milk BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211363-EALysine Iron Agar BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211387-EAMacConkey Agar BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211407-EAMannitol Salt Agar BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211438-EAMueller Hinton II Agar (Cation-Adjusted)EA
10-211539-EAPhenylethyl Alcohol Agar 500G BottleEA
10-211584-EASabouraud Dextrose Agar BBL 500G BottleEA
10-211638-EAStandard Methods Agar 500GEA
10-211641-EAStandard Methods Agar 5Lb pailEA
10-211677-EABacto Peptone 500gEA
10-211687-EAViolet Red Bile Agar 2Kg PailEA
10-211693-EAProteose Peptone No 3, 500GEA
10-211695-EAViolet Red Bile Agar 500GEA
10-211699-EATryptone 2kg PailEA
10-211705-EATryptone 500G BottleEA
10-211768-EATrypticase Soy Broth 500G BottleEA
10-211795-EAUrea Agar Base BBL 500GEA
10-211825-EATryptic Soy Broth 500GEA
10-211832-PKDISCONTINUED SUB 10-215336-PKPK
10-211876-PKIsovitalex Enrichment 10ml 5/PKPK
10-212123-EAMacConkey Agar 500GEA
10-212240-PKMiddlebrook OADC 100ml 6/PKPK
10-212322-EAMueller Hinton II Broth, Cation-AdjustedEA
10-212402-PKListeria Selective Supplement 2mLPK
10-212455-EAStandard Methods Agar 100GEA
10-212513-PKTb Potassium Permanganate 250MLPK
10-212517-PKTb Decolorizer 250MLPK
10-212518-PKTb Carbolfuchsin Kf 250mLPK
10-212520-EATb Stain Kit ZnEA
10-212525-PKGram Crystal Violet 250mLPK
10-212526-EAGram Crystal Violet 3.8LEA
10-212528-EAGram Decolorizer 3.8LEA
10-212529-PKGram Iodine(Unstabilized), Bottle, 250mLPK
10-212531-PKGram Safranin 250mLPK
10-212532-EAGram Safranin 3.8LEA
10-212542-PKGram Iodine Stabilized 250mLPK
10-212720-EAYeast Extract 2kgEA
10-212750-EAYeast Extract 500gEA
10-213000-EANutrient Agar, 500 gEA
10-213400-EAPotato Dextrose Agar, 500gEA
10-214010-EABacto Agar, 454 gEA
10-214030-EABacto Agar, 2 kgEA
10-214050-EABacto Agar, 100 gEA

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