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ESI Tuning Mix, for Ion Trap

SIAL/00036 - suitable for mass spectrometry (MS)

Product Type: Chemical

Catalog Number PKG Qty. Price Quantity
45-00036-10ML 10 mL
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application(s) cleaning products
flavors and fragrances
food and beverages
personal care
form liquid
Quality Level 100 
technique(s) mass spectrometry (MS): suitable
Analysis Note: Concentration of analyte in solution is μg/mL ± 0.5%, uncertainty based upon balance and Class A volumetric glassware.
Components: Compound concentrations (mg/kg) and molecular weights (g/mol)
• Hexamethoxyphosphazene: 0.602; 321.14
• Hexakis(2,2-difluoroethoxy)phosphazene: 5.854; 621.19
• Hexakis(1H,1H,3H-tetrafluoropropoxy)phosphazene: 23.095; 921.23
• Hexakis(1H,1H,5H-octafluoropentoxy)phosphazene: 38.153; 1521.33
• Hexakis(1H,1H,7H-dodecafluoroheptoxy)phosphazene: 53.230; 2121.42
• Hexakis(1H,1H,9H-perfluorononyloxy)phosphazene: 68.281; 2721.51
• 2,4,6-Tris(heptafluoropropyl)-1,3,5-triazine: 5.509; 585.11
• Betaine: 5.891; 117.15
• Ammonium trifluoroacetate: 328.909; 131.05

Solvent composition (kg/kg):
• Acetonitrile: 93.7%
• Deionized water: 6.3%
UNSPSC 41116004

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