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Product Type: Chemical

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45-GNZ-0004-FP 0.4 mg
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Representative structure for the FP series
Image of multiple products together, provided for illustration purposes only. Visual properties of the actual product may deviate. Photo is meant to be representative of packaging you will receive if ordered. Appropriate product information is printed on actual labels and package types are subject to change.


assay 95% (H-NMR)
carrier PAA carrier
extent of labeling 1% Biotin per 20 mole % Poly[N-(2-hydroxyethyl)acrylamide-co-N-acrylamide]
Poly[N-(2-hydroxyethyl)acrylamide-co-N-acrylamide] ligand density
form lyophilized powder
label FITC labeled
manufacturer/tradename GlycoNZ
mol wt ~20,000 Da
probe presentation polymeric
probe type tetrasaccharide
product line FP-Series
storage temp. −20°C
technique(s) flow cytometry: suitable
Application: Glycoconjugates are used to study the functions of carbohydrates, carbohydrate-binding proteins in biological processes, and on the discovery of new carbohydrate-mediated interactions.
General description: FP-Series: Fluorescein-Labeled Polymeric Probes
These glycoconjugate probes are designed to reveal lectins, including selectins, directly on cell membranes, organelles, and in cytoplasm. The low fluorescein content ensures that probe solubility in water is not affected, but still allows reliable probe detection. The affinity of the probes is 102 to 105 times higher than that of corresponding free sugars.

PAA is poly[N-(2-hydroxyethyl)acrylamide], a flexible polymer chain which serves as an additional spacer. Used as a molecular weight carrier, PAA demonstrates an absence of non-specific interaction with cells, and is stable to chemical and proteolytic action.
Preparation Note: Purity: synthetic ω-aminoalkyl glycosides used for coupling with the polymer have a purity of >95% (HPLC and 1H-NMR)
WGK Germany WGK 3
Flash Point(F) Not applicable
Flash Point(C) Not applicable
Purity 95% (H-NMR)
Storage Temp. −20°C
UNSPSC 12352201

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