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Sigma Cat.No.Description
PESTANAL®, analytical standard
000J004DSD-DNPH Color Cap Insert
pkg of 100 ea
analytical standard, for GPC, 1,000
analytical standard, for GPC, 5,000
analytical standard, for GPC, 25,000
00282Diheptyl phthalate
analytical standard
00334Fipronil-(pyrazole-13C3, cyano-13C) sulfone
PESTANAL®, analytical standard
005373-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-DL-lactic acid-13C9
analytical standard
00922Difluoroacetic acid
for LC-MS LiChropur, ≥97.5% (GC)
00940Formic acid
for LC-MS LiChropur, 97.5-98.5% (T)
reference material
reference material
01387Agaric acid
analytical standard
02175NTA - Atto 647 N
BioReagent, suitable for fluorescence, ≥80% (HPCE)
reference material
reference material
calcined, purified
reference material
05346Decanoic acid-1,2,3,4-13C4
analytical standard
primary reference standard
06380590Vanillic acid
primary reference standard
reference material
certified reference material, mixture of isomers, TraceCERT®
06846Chlorimuron ethyl
certified reference material, TraceCERT®
reference material
certified reference material, TraceCERT®
07395Rifampicin, mixture of stereoisomers
VETRANAL®, analytical standard
07441Malonyl-L-carnitine lithium salt
analytical standard
07481Adipoyl-L-carnitine lithium salt
analytical standard
074914-Hydroxyphenylpyruvic acid-13C9
analytical standard
analytical standard
analytical standard
analytical standard
10184Carbosieve Adsorbent
matrix Carbosieve S-III, 60-80 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10189Carbosieve Adsorbent
matrix Carbosieve S-II, 60-80 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10190-UCarbosieve Adsorbent
matrix Carbosieve S-II, 80-100 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10197Carbosieve Adsorbent
matrix Carbosieve G, 45-60 mesh, bottle of 5 g
10198Carbosieve Adsorbent
matrix Carbosieve G, 60-80 mesh, bottle of 5 g
10199Carbosieve Adsorbent
matrix Carbosieve G, 80-100 mesh, bottle of 5 g
10257Carbopack Adsorbent
matrix Carbopack C, 60-80 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10258Carbopack Adsorbent
matrix Carbopack C, 80-100 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10263Carboxen® Adsorbent
matrix Carboxen® 563, 20-45 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10264Carboxen® Adsorbent
matrix Carboxen® 564, 20-45 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10269Carboxen® Adsorbent
matrix Carboxen® 569, 20-45 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10275General Purpose Adsorbent
matrix Activated Cocounut Charcoal, 20-40 mesh, bottle of 10 g
10280-UHayeSep® Porous Polymer Adsorbent
matrix HayeSep DB, 80-100 mesh, bottle of 75 cc
10282HayeSep® Porous Polymer Adsorbent
matrix HayeSep A, 60-80 mesh, bottle of 75 cc
10283HayeSep® Porous Polymer Adsorbent
matrix HayeSep A, 80-100 mesh, bottle of 75 cc
10284HayeSep® Porous Polymer Adsorbent
matrix HayeSep A, 100-120 mesh, bottle of 75 cc
10286HayeSep® Porous Polymer Adsorbent
matrix HayeSep B, 80-100 mesh, bottle of 75 cc

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